Introducing the new iTero Lumina intraoral scanner

Practice performance is a heavy lift. Think again. Introducing the new iTero luminaTM intraoral scanner.

Our most advanced intraoral scanner yet.

The iTero Lumina™ scanner with iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ (MDC) technology pushes the boundaries of what intraoral scanners can do and sets the new standard for practice performance. With effortless scanning and superior visualization1, this small wand means a big leap for your practice.

Rethink what a scanner can do for your practice.

How iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanners work.

iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ technology provides a 3X larger field of view4 and maximum capture distance of 25mm, simplifying the capture of challenging areas such as palates, edentulous spaces, partially erupted and crowded teeth.

The benefits of iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanners:

High-quality clinical decisions

Achieve photorealistic scans that enable high-quality clinical decisions the same way intraoral photos do1, through larger data capture, high accuracy5, and new advanced software.

Dental practice efficiency & profitability

Scan effortlessly at 2x the speed2 with exceptionally wide field of view and capture distance, enabling minimal maneuvering that sets a new level of ergonomics and comfort. Plus, eliminate the need for intraoral photos in patient record-taking and Invisalign® cases1.

Elevated patient engagement

Offer a more comfortable experience for adults, kids and teens alike, with a 50% smaller wand3 and increased scanning speed. Plus, create superior patient engagement and motivation1 with exceptional 3D model quality across all visualizations and simulations.

Optimize record-taking  with photorealistic scans1.

Simplify patient record-taking with photorealistic 3D models that replace the need for intraoral photos1, thanks to advanced optics in the wand’s tip and innovative new software.


“My team and I will – without a doubt – switch to the iTero Lumina™ scanner. After our experience in the clinical validation process, I am not going without it in my office.”

Dr. David Boschken, DMD
California, USA

iTero Lumina scanner configurations

iTero Lumina intraoral scanner

(Cart configuration)

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iTero Lumina intraoral scanner

(Mobile configuration)

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Trade-in your current intraoral scanner easily.

Go from good to great by trading in your iTero Element™ or iTero Element™ 2 scanner for the iTero Lumina™ scanner. Reap the benefits of next-level efficiency, visualization and clinical excellence – all packed in a 50% smaller wand2 with superior ergonomics.

Or upgrade6 your iTero Element™ Plus Series scanner.

If you already have an iTero Element™ Plus Series imaging system, simply upgrade6 to the iTero Lumina™ wand. You’ll experience our best visualization, higher practice performance, effortless scanning, and superior comfort for you and your patients.

  1. For Invisalign record-taking cases only. Based on a survey in September 2023 of n=22 users who participated in a global limited market release, working with iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner for an average period of 6 months, representing both Invisalign trained general practitioners, orthodontists and their staff in NA, EU and APAC, who were presented with a 4 point level of agreement scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree with the following statement: “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model is comparable to that of an intraoral photo.” and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner photorealistic scans enable orthodontic clinical assessment the same way intraoral photos do.” and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model's superior 3D model eliminates the need to take intraoral photos." and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model's superior 3D model boosts patient engagement.”*
  2. Save time with an enhanced scanning experience in which the user can scan 2x faster* compared with previous iTero intraoral scanners. *Compared to iTero Element™ 5D  wand with tolerance AVE=±0.1 operating at a working distance from 0-20 mm.*
  3. Compared to iTero Element™ 5D imaging system wand, excluding the wand cable.*
  4. The iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner offers 3x larger field of view enabling faster scanning. Compared to the field of view of the iTero Element™ 5D imaging system, when the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner’s scanning distance is 12 mm.*
  5. The iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner has scientifically proven greater accuracy* for your clinical orthodontic needs. *Compared to the accuracy of the iTero Element™ 5D imaging system.*
  6. Upgrade in this case means exchanging the wand and receiving a new wand while using the same mobile or cart accessories platform.

*Data on file at Align Technology, as of November 15, 2023.

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