Build patient understanding and trust to drive treatment acceptance.

The Align™ Oral Health Suite is a comprehensive digital suite providing an innovative clinical framework to empower engaging oral health conversations–helping build patient understanding, trust, and treatment acceptance*.

Visualize a comprehensive oral health story.

With the Align™ Oral Health Suite, you and your staff can deliver personalized patient assessment on a range of clinical conditions with every scan, for both time efficiency and more engaging consultations.

Education, understanding, engagement, and trust: the foundations of effective consultations.

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Share a custom oral health report.

Capture screen shots from the consultation with the snapshot tool, and incorporate them into a custom oral health report to send to patients after consultation with the scan report.

The Align™ Oral Health Suite in their words

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iTero Element Plus scanner configurations

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*Treatment subject to healthcare provider's professional judgment.
**The doctors received compensation from Align Technology for their participation in these testimonials.

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