A powerful addition to your practice growth plan.

From the initial consultation to your patient’s last set of Invisalign® clear aligners, having an iTero™ intraoral scanner can streamline your workflow, improve your treatments, and grow your practice.

Introducing Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro.


Take your patients from wow to yes in minutes with highly realistic simulated in-face visualisations of their potential future smiles. Available on iTero Element™ Plus Series scanners and imaging systems#, it’s a powerful new tool for inspiring Invisalign treatment acceptance and driving practice growth.

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From wow to ​yes in minutes.

Available on iTero Element Plus Series scanners and imaging systems#.​

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Experience the benefits of Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro.
Available on iTero Element Plus Series scanners and imaging systems#.

Enjoy highly realistic simulations.

Simulated in-face visualisation is powered by advanced algorithms, providing a realistic simulation of their future smile that can further the discussion on treatment options.

Make the most of patient chair time.

The simulation automatically begins running in the background, allowing you to use other iTero™ digital tools to support oral health conversations.

Access simulations at any time from the cloud.

Once created, simulations are saved to the cloud and accessible at any time from your scanner, PC, Mac or tablet. No need to re-run the simulation.

Grow your practice

With increased Invisalign treatments:

More cases1

+10 in 1 year  

+37 in 2 years

+80 in 3 years

Rapid return on investment2

The iTero scanner can pay for itself in < 1 year based on the number of additional Invisalign cases at 12 months​


Expand what’s possible for your practice.


Engage your patients with powerful visualisation tools

The iTero scanner equips your team with the tools to take patient engagement to the next level. Features like Occlusogram and Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro# support oral health conversations when sharing treatment plans and progress at each visit**.

Improve workflow efficiency

Streamline your workflow with features such as the iTero Auto-Upload feature^, which automatically uploads scan images in place of intraoral photos — saving you time with Invisalign case submission and enhancing the patient experience.

Deliver on predictability and repeatability

Improve your treatment planning, accuracy, and monitoring across your workflow. The Invisalign Progress Assessment tool enables you to treat patients with confidence and predictability.

Seamless connectivity with Invisalign treatment

Make your life easier from the initial scan with the iTero scanner, to instantly connect into your Invisalign Doctor Site and Clincheck® treatment plans.

Enhance your diagnosis and treatment planning capabilities

Strengthen your patient engagement with powerful tools such as iTeroTM NIRI technology, which can aid in the detection of interproximal caries, and an integrated 3D intraoral camera for viewing each tooth in detail with a wide-angle view of the scanning area.

Streamline your workflow with the iTero Element™ 5D Auto-Upload feature

Submit Invisalign cases without the need for intraoral photos with the following process^

Create patient with Invisalign® Practice App4, Invisalign Practice App syncs with your IDS, so you can take photos, create patient record and upload photos directly to your Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS).

Scan patient

Select auto-uploaded scans in the Invisalign® Doctor Site

Fill prescription and submit

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Dr. Sandra Tai

 British Colombia, CA

“It’s a wow for the patient’s and for the parents who come to our office.”

Discover the efficiency of digital orthodontic treatment.

Slide between scenarios to see just how much of a difference iTero can make in your workflow.


Step 1: Scan your patient

Create digital impressions in minutes.


Step 2: Diagnose and educate

Share your diagnosis and treatment plans with patients to increase case acceptance.

Step 3: Send scans to partners

In minutes.3

Step 4: Receive feedback

Make adjustments as needed and start treatment earlier.

Step 5: Begin treatment and monitor progress

On with the treatment! Keep your patients engaged by sharing progress with your patients at every visit.


Step 1: Gather materials and mix compound

Impression taking may be messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable for gagging patients.

Step 2: Create PVS mold

Rejections may happen if molds are imperfect.

Step 3: Send physical molds to partners

Consider shipping cost, time, and potential damage during shipping and handling.

Step 4: Wait for results

Molds are scanned, and analysed by partners once received. If accepted, skip to step 6.

Step 5: Flawed Impression?

Go back to Step 1.

Step 6: Receive Feedback

Make final adjustments for treatment plan.

Step 7: Start treatment

To assess and monitor treatment progress, return to Step 1.



Did you know...


The iTero network of orthodontists around the world collectively performs over 18,164,887 orthodontic scans every year?5


It all goes to show that seamless and productive workflow starts with iTero solutions.

+scans every month

+scans a day

+scans an hour

We have a solution for your practice.

iTero Element Plus Series*

Our latest innovations. 

Product details

iTero Element 5D  

Our first imaging system with NIRI technology.

Product details

iTero Element 2 

Proven innovation for effective treatment. 

Product details
  • 1  Study sponsored by Align Technology. Retrospective data evaluation and quantitative analysis completed by Dr. Michael Mackay, University of Memphis, 2018. 1,076​ orthodontists (countries included: AU, AT, BE, CA, CY, CZ, DE, DK, FI, FR, GR, HK, IN, IE, IT, JP, KR, LT, NL, NZ, PL, PR, PT, RE, RU, SK, ES, CH, TW, TH, GB, US, VN) with lowvolume​ Invisalign usage (defined as 5 or fewer Invisalign receipts in the 12 months prior to acquiring the iTero scanner) who use an iTero Element scanner (at 12 months n =​ 1,076, at 24 months n = 421 and at 36 months n = 141).​
  • 2  Valuation based on assumed USD$5,847 Invisalign Case Fee. Case fee varies based on individual treatment needs. APAC average list price for iTero Element = USD$32,840,​ iTero Element 2 = USD$34,840, iTero Element Flex = USD$32,840. Study based on use of iTero Element model only. Claim based on extrapolation of results to include iTero​ Element 2 and iTero Element Flex models which utilise the same iTero Element Software. Data on file at Align Technology as of January 8, 2019.​
  • 3  Based on 10,000 scans, mean transfer time, defined, as the time between the practice sending the iTero scan and the dental laboratory receiving it, is 4.6min. May vary based on internet connection.
  • 4  Availability of Invisalign Practice App varies by market, in markets where this is not yet available, Invisalign Photo Uploader can be utilised.
  • 5  Monthly, daily, and hourly figures are estimates only, based on total scans per year of 21,689,907 in 2021. Data on file at Align Technology, as of December 31, 2021.
  • After Invisalign treatment. Simulation algorithm also includes teeth whitening.
  • ^   Available on the iTero Element 5D imaging systems, which include the iTero Element 5D and iTero Element Plus Series
  • *   The iTero Element Plus Series is only available within selected markets in APAC including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam at the moment. The iTero Element Plus Series is not yet available in China, Malaysia, and Philippines.
  • # The Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro is only available on the iTero ElementTM 5D Plus (Cart and Mobile) scanner models and requires an active service plan. This means that you must have either (i) an initial service plan that comes with your 5D Plus scanner or (ii) be subscribed to payment of a monthly or annual service fee for an orthodontic/restorative iTero Service Plan purchased after the initial service period. Please reach out to an Align Technology Practice Development Manager or iTero Customer Support for more information.
  • ** At the independent discretion of the qualified healthcare professional