iTero Instructional videos

iTero Element 5D Plus Cart Assembly Video

iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile Assembly Video

Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for iTero Element intraoral scanners

Invisalign® Progress Assessment with Dr. Jacobson

Completing the Digital Prescription for a Bridge Case

Charting for Orthodontic Case Types

How to Use the Eraser Tool to Adjust Your Digital Model

Watch How to Use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator video

How to Use the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator

Benefits to the Practice with Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Loller - Restorative Tools on iTero Element® Intraoral Scanners

Dr. Loller - Patient Education with iTero Element® Intraoral Scanners

Dr. Loller - iTero Element® Tools for Invisalign

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