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Our goal is to provide a pathway towards full integration of your iTero® intraoral scanner. The onboarding training program structure enables you to learn iTero scanner features, develop scanning technique, and understand how to utilize the scan data for accurately diagnosing and educating patients on their optimal treatment plan.

We also encourage continued education through our on-demand learning platform by accessing live online training, clinical training resources, and more.

Our approach to help you scan confidently and effectively.


iTero Foundations

  • Build your knowledge of scanner features, tools, clinical protocols, and scanning technique
  • Lessons targeted to your practice needs
  • Learn via self-paced, interactive courses, videos, and other instructional support

Hands-on Clinical Experience

  • Delivered by an iTero clinical trainer, in an engaging, virtual classroom setting
  • Instructor-led training using a webcam, included in the system
  • Client-approved, remote access to the scanner to observe real-time scanning with immediate feedback

Advanced Education

  • Our commitment to provide ongoing learning programs to support your journey
  • Advanced webinar series offers peer-to-peer education, designed to develop scanning effectiveness, and practice efficiency
  • Events and courses designed to learn how doctors and teams are fully integrating the iTero Element scanner into the daily workflow

Instructional videos

The iTero intraoral scanner is the gateway to a more streamlined and efficient practice, supporting your diagnostic and treatment planning needs for optimal patient care. Explore the library of videos that highlight our products, features, and tools.


TimeLapse Technology


Invisalign® Outcome Simulator



iTero user manuals

Everything you need to get up and running (or get a recap on certain functions) with different iTero solutions.

iTero digital scanner

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