Learn iTero Element

Our customer education & training provides the baseline of instruction for knowledge and skills development, along with opportunities for advanced learning and growth.

iTero Foundations

Foundations is the starting point for building knowledge of the scanner features, tools, scanning protocols and technique. Content is targeted to your training needs and consists of online interactive e-learning, videos, and other instructional support assets.


Clinical Core

Sessions are delivered by an iTero clinical trainer, in a virtual classroom setting. Hands-on training is both interactive and engaging with the use of a webcam, included in the system. The clinical trainer, gains client approved, remote access to the scanner in order to observe real-time scanning and provide immediate feedback.


Continued Education

We are committed to providing a framework of learning programs to support continuous growth. Our advanced webinar series offers peer-to-peer education, designed to develop scanning effectiveness, and practice efficiency. Learn how doctors and teams are fully integrating the iTero Element into their daily workflow.

Instructional Videos

1. Scanning and Charting for a Single Unit Prep